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E-Liquid Drop Shipping

Do you want to set up your very own e-liquid business? Well thats great and Smokers Corner would be happy to help.

The problem with the e-liquid business is stock not just in terms of the actual cash out lay, but the sheer volume of stock required. Other issues are the importation of the e-liquid and meeting manufacturers minimum order quantity.

The solution is to join the Smokers Corner E-Liquid Drop Shipping scheme.


How drop shipping e-liquids with Smokers Corner works……..

  1. You market the e-liquid on your website or any other channels available to you.
  2. You receive payment from your customer at the price you asked.
  3. You email Smokers Corner your customers order.
  4. We will send you an invoice and you pay us via BACS or Paypal
  5. We ship the e-liquid to your customer just as if it had come from you.


The process is very quick and in most cases the e-liquids are sent out the same day. Of course we are happy to offer drop shipping on all the products for sale on our website not just e-liquids.


To find out more about Smokers Corner e-liquid drop shipping scheme please get in touch using the contact form.


E-Liquid Drop Shipping Enquirey



Are you a online shop selling e-liquids?

Do you have a market stall selling e-liquid ?

Are you an e-liquid retailer thats struggling to meet the rising minimum order quantities (MOQ)

Do you retail e-liquids and just require quick top ups while waiting for your orders to arrive.

If you answer yes to any of these questions then take a look at the Smokers Corner wholesale programme.

So what do we offer……..


All our hangsen e-liquid comes direct to our warehouse from Hangsen and has the desired needle nose filler and shrink wrapping. So you can be assured that you are selling your customers genuine Hangsen e-liquid

Low MOQ (minimum order quantity)

We have a low MOQ of just 100 bottles of e-liquid to qualify as a wholesale customer.

UK Based stock with fast delivery.

All our stock is help in our warehouse in the UK and using UK Mail as our couriers we always try to dispatch the same day as you place the order for next day delivery.


To find out how we can help with Hangsen e-liquid supply please get in touch.


E-Liquid Wholesale Enquirey


Smokers Corner e-liquid Consolidation Service.

If you want a larger order at better prices and are prepared to wait a very short period of time for it them maybe you should consider our e-liquid consolidation service.

We receive orders approximately every 2 weeks from Hangsen, if you struggle to meet Hangsen’s MOQ then we are happy to add your order onto ours and we will dispatch it to you as soon as it arrives. Are MOQ for the consolidation service is just 300 bottles of e-liquid and they must be in multiples of 20.


To find out how we can help with Hangsen e-liquid consolidation service please get in touch.


E-Liquid Drop Consolidation enquirey