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iTaste CLKiTaste CLK

iTaste CLK

The Innokin iTaste CLK starter kit, what a great little unit to get you started with e-cigarettes. The CLK has a very simple to use variable voltage system which means you can change the voltage with a simple twist at the base of the battery. The CLK starter kit comes complete with the Innokin iTaste 16D clearomiser and a charging lead and a 800 mAh battery.

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iTaste CLK 1280iTaste CLK 1280

iTaste CLK 1280

The Innokin iTaste CLK 1280 the big brother to the CLK starter kit. This unit consists of a battery and a charging lead, there is no clearomiser included. This allows you to use your own clearomiser or to add a clearomiser of your choice we would recommend either the iTaste 16, the iTaste 16D or the fantastic iTaste 30S. As it’s name implies it is a 1280 mAh battery.

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iTaste V3 VV/VW Full KitiTaste V3 VV/VW Full Kit

iTaste V3 VV/VW Full Kit

The Innokin iTaste V3 VV/VW full kit, really is a full kit and offered excellent value for money. It comes complete with the Innokin variable voltage and variable wattage battery, 5 complete Innokin iTaste 16 clearomisers and charging lead we even throw in a UK wall charger with this kit so you can charge from any UK mains socket.

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iTaste V3 Express KitiTaste V3 Express Kit

iTaste V3 Express Kit

The Innokin iTaste V3 VV/VW express kit like it’s big brother above this battery can be set to variable voltage or variable wattage depending on which setting you prefer don’t worry if you don’t know you can always experiment to get the perfect vape for you. It’s a 800 mAh battery and you will need to add your own clearomiser as always we would recommend any from the Innokin range but all other makes will fit.

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iTaste Coolfire 2iTaste Coolfire 2

iTaste Coolfire 2

The Innokin Cool Fire II the styling of this awesome Innokin mod resembles a grenade as you can see from the picture, but it is surprisingly comfortable to hold and quite a talking point. The Cool Fire II does not come with batteries or a charger these are available separately but it does come with the Innokin 30S clearomiser and is a variable wattage unit.

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iTaste Coolfire 4iTaste Coolfire 4

iTaste Coolfire 4

The Innokin Cool Fire IV what a great pice of kit you get the Innokin Cool Fire IV in the box along with a charging lead and a Ego 510 adaptor so any clearomiser will fit. This has now become my e-cig of choice when I am out and about and I use the Innokin iTaste 30s clearomiser. A truly unisex unit and available in 6 colours.

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iTaste MVP V3 ProiTaste MVP V3 Pro

iTaste MVP V3 Pro

The Innokin MVP 3 Pro the latest in the MVP range from Innokin this box mod will satisfy even the hardest of vapours yet it’s simplistic design makes it perfect for anyone. Its massive 4500 mAh battery means it will last all day without being charged even under heavy use. You will need to add your own clearomiser and again we recommend the Innokin iTaste 30S comes complete with charging lead and eGo 510 adapter.

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iTaste VTRiTaste VTR

iTaste VTR

Well what can we say about the Innokin iTaste VTR it’s big, it’s heavy it’s awesome. The VTR from Innokin was my all time personal favourite unit until the Innokin Cool Fire IV came along, now I use the VTR around the office and the Cool Fire IV when I am out and about. If you go for the VTR then you will need to add batteries and a charger but it comes standard with the Innokin iTaste 30S clearomiser.

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iTaste SVD 2iTaste SVD 2

iTaste SVD 2

The Innokin SVD 2.0 is one of the most sophisticated and advanced mods on the market. If you are looking for an e-cig mod that you won’t grow out of then this is the mod for you. It has Innokin quality and Evolv DNA technology built in to make this a very intelligent and intuitive mod. There are 2 battery tubes allowing for short and tall setups. No batteries are included and you will also need to add a clearomiser.

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Innokin LilyInnokin Lily

Innokin Lily

The Innokin Lily one for the ladies, the Lily is made with genuine Swarovski crystal elements. The Innokin Lily has a heart shaped mouthpiece and the tip glows in the pattern of a flower when the fir button is pressed. So ladies if your going out for the night all dressed up and want a very sophisticated looking e-cigarette then you really need to but the Innokin Lily.

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